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Kyoto Guest House

The people of Hong Kong have been free to do what they wanted, and what they wanted was, apparently, to create a stewing pandemonium: crowded, striving, ugly, and the most fabulous city on earth.

The ground floor and first floor of Chung King Mansion are a stewing pandemonium, they are crowded, striving and ugly, but they are, without doubt, the most fabulous two floors of free market on earth.

Sure, as you walk up to the entrance of Chung King Mansion, you will more than likely be approached by people who are very keen to sell you a tailored suit or shirt, watches (which look like well known name brand watches but cost 5% of the price of the genuine article) they may also offer massage service and discount cards (usually 10%) for Indian Restaurants.

Once you step inside Chung King Mansion itself you will be approached by men (and sometimes women) striving to offer you what they claim is cheap, comfortable and clean accommodation.

Just say these magic words "I have a reservation at Kyoto Guest House." At once they will melt away.

Then walk up to the first bank of elevators on the left for block A and take the elevator to the 15th floor where Kyoto Guest House is located.

The people of Hong Kong have also been free to create Kyoto Guest House. Kyoto Guest House is a haven from the stewing pandemonium below.

All our rooms are equipped with colour television, free secure Wifi, air-conditioning and a cooling fan.

Most of our rooms (apart from one) have an en suite wet room (shower, toilet and sink) with near on-demand hot water.

Please take time to read our detailed individual room discriptions so you can choose the room appropriate to your requirements.


All rooms and common areas are non smoking.

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Kyoto Guest House
Flat A3, Block A, 15th Floor, Chungking Mansions
36 - 44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 95126424
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